Report from Iowa City Manger Regarding Flood Levels

June 16, 2008 - 11:56 AM

pan>Flood Update: Report from the Corps of Engineers; 6/16/08

Posted by: City Manager

Originally Posted 6/16/2008 11:25:22 AM

Although it appears the worst of the damage has already occurred, please keep in mind that this flood is far from over and residents on the periphery of flooded areas should be prepared for evacuation should conditions change.

The projected 5-day forecast is quite favorable for this area and to the north. However, residents should be aware that local rains and water from local creeks can affect all these projections and a sense of preparedness still needs to prevail in the community.

Army Corps of Engineers staff reported current and projected conditions at the Coralville Reservoir on Monday morning, June 16. Current outflow is 38,500 cubic feet per second (cfs). As projected, the lowering of the Reservoir is a slow and prolonged event.

Barring significant rainfall, the Corps projects the following flows from the Reservoir:
• 35,000 cfs on Thursday, June 19
• 30,000 cfs on Saturday, June 21
• 25,000 cfs on Monday, June 23
• 20,000 cfs on Wednesday, June 25
• The outlet will remain wide open until the pool elevation drops to 707.
• After that the Corps will manage the outflow to limit the drop in reservoir pool elevation no more than 1 foot per day to limit erosion.

Peak stage in Iowa City was 31.53 feet at 6:30 a.m., June 15, 2008, with a flow of approximately 40,800 cfs. Current stage in Iowa City is 31.3 feet.