Crazy Day for Us IT People

June 17, 2008 - 6:03 PM

The pace here at my business Cramer IT has been insane today. I feel like I can barely keep up with the phone calls much less actually do support for the people calling. We have had a ton of new potential clients call today including some amazing requests for help.

My two favorite calls today where:

1. A new client called today who had been flooded out of their building, and had setup shop at a house. They couldn't figure out why they couldn't get to their shared network files at the house. Upon further discussion, they realized that while they have removed their computers from their flooded office, they had managed to leave their file server at their flooded location (which is currently under an estimated 8 ft of water). That's right, in the confusion of evacuation, they left their file server at their flooded office. They are now discussing how they can get into their office to recover the server.

2. Another client moved out of his flooded office and while re-setting up his computer at his house thought he needed to reinstall Windows XP Service Pack 2 on his pc. He grabbed his Windows XP disk and proceeded to format and reinstall Windows XP on his computer erasing all his current data. We are trying a data recovery on his hard drive now...

Both of these people where so far off the flood plain, they had never even considered a flood evacuation plan.  In the insanity and stress of moving and making decisions on the fly some crazy stuff can and will happen.