Flood Waters Recede, Clean Up Begins

June 20, 2008 - 9:23 AM

Even though these floods have been a total disaster for thousands of homes and businesses around here, I can't deny that it was just a little bit exciting to watch this event unfold. While my heart goes out to all the people who have lost property and businesses, it was a little bit like living in an action movie for a time. Seeing everyone go into emergency mode was thrilling.

Flooded Apartment

As I see the clean up side of things approaching, I can't find anything to get excited about. It's just one huge stinky, slimy mess. Driving to work today, I actually saw dry ground on many of the roads that were closed. Some parts of town are beginning to open up again. However, along with that is a whole lot of dust, dirt and mud. I think it's going to be months before some people get back into their places and undoubtedly some of them are going to be demolished.

Carpet SteamerA good friend of mine, Robert Olinger, runs a Water Damage and Carpet Cleaning business in Iowa City and Coralville called Carpet Steamer. Like us, he is actually seeing an increase in business during this time as he helps people get cleaned up. Robert had been stocking up on new fans and industrial dehumidifiers over the past few months to expand his water damage business, and by some fortune was well prepared to serve the community in the aftermath of this event.

It's been interesting to see the stark contrast between businesses who lost out during the floods and others who prospered. I'm really hoping and praying that we'll all be able to come through this on the other side.